Here you can find details of past and recent events organised by the project.

Decision Making and Imprecise Beliefs

March 17, 2017, HEC Paris (Porte de Champerret Site), Paris. Beliefs, of course, play a central role in decision making under uncertainty. There has been increasing attention on the issues thrown up by imprecision in beliefs or preferences, both in the economic and psychological literature. What effects does the lack of precise probabilistic beliefs, or different … Continue reading Decision Making and Imprecise Beliefs

Coping with Uncertainty: Normative Approaches, Current Practice

May 22-24, 2017, École Normale Supérieure, Paris. In a wide range of human domains – from reaction to climate change, energy policy, regulations of new technologies, economic policy – decisions are dogged by extreme uncertainties. How should one decide in the face of such uncertainties? How should they be represented, and indeed measured, to best … Continue reading Coping with Uncertainty: Normative Approaches, Current Practice